Facebook’s New Ad Settings Are Great For Customers. Too Bad We Aren’t Customers.

Things are about to get better for Facebook customers! Not you. You are not a Facebook customer. Advertisers are Facebook customers. You are part of the Facebook product. I know that for years we’ve thought of Facebook as a social network. It feels like …
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Facebook, Youtube Investigate Reports Of Iraqi Social Media Blackout

Facebook and Google’s YouTube have told CBS News they are looking into reports that their sites have been blocked in Iraq as chaos grips the country. “We are disturbed by reports of access issues in Iraq and are investigating. Limiting access to Internet …
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How Do Nba Teams Stack Up On Social Media?

The NBA Finals are in full-swing right now, with only the Spurs and Heat left to battle for this year’s championship. But more importantly to internet-types like me, how do these teams compare in their social media marketing? 

A sports team is a dream client for any social media manager, as they already have fans built-in! We’ve compiled an infographic in a play-off tree style layout to show which NBA teams have the most followers across each of the major social networks. As you’ll see below, the Los Angelas Lakers dominate on almost every social network.

The following infographic shows how many followers each NBA team has on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Google +.

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